Camp Craft Cocktails – Turmeric & Sage


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Need to spice up your next virtual happy hour? Give these handcrafted cocktail infusions a try!

Camp Craft Cocktails are a bar kit in a jar! With classic recipes like sangria and bloody mary, it has everything for a killer cocktail. Well, except booze. Add approximately 12 oz your beverage of choice let sit for 3 days, strain out the ingredients and bam, you’ve got a fresh cocktail base. Mix up the whole batch for your next house party or save it in the fridge for 30 days! (Pro-tip: fill up the jar twice ;)=2x the cocktail)

Started by two gals in Florida, they’ve expanded to 49 states (@south dakota). These are $25 a jar for 8-16 drinks. They use the highest quality ingredients to create their concoctions and curate every jar by hand.

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